Baby Mum Mum Rice Rusks Review

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Our youngest daughter recently turned 8 months old and, despite the fact she has been teething for a couple months now, doesn’t have any teeth in. Because of this, we are limited on the solid foods and snacks she can have because she obviously would have problems chewing them. A couple weeks ago, my mother-in-law sent us samples of a product called Baby Mum Mum Rice Rusks. We weren’t sure what to think of this product at first but ended up giving it a try. We liked the samples so much; we ended up buying a box for her.

Like I mentioned before, our daughter doesn’t have her teeth in yet. With the Baby Mum Mum Rice Rusks, that isn’t much of an issue. The rice rusks are hard enough to give her the thrill of actually being able to chew something (she is getting bored with baby food) but soft enough for her to be able to chew them even without having any teeth. And, believe me; she really likes chewing on these.

Even more important is the fact she likes the flavor of this snack. She’s not as picky of an eater as our oldest daughter was. But, she is old enough to know if she likes a food or not (and she will make sure to let us know if she doesn’t). She likes these. In fact, she usually ends up eating more than one whenever we give her these as a snack or a little extra treat after she eats lunch or dinner.

Another bonus is the fact the snack doesn’t upset her stomach. Even though she will eat just about anything we give her (even if she doesn’t like it), we’ve discovered quite a few foods will make her gassy to the point she’s uncomfortable. That has not been a problem with these. I think she even has less of a problem with this product than she does with some of her baby foods.

My only complaint is I can only find the original variety of the Baby Mum Mum Rice Rusks around here despite the fact I know the company makes different kinds (the samples we received from my mother-in-law were vegetable rusks). I hope that will change in the future.

If you are the parent of a young child that is able to sit up, chew and swallow foods, I would recommend giving this product a try.

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